Over the years while this site was in development stage, a number of Marines and non-Marines have given their support in one form or another. Without their support this mission would have been a lonely one at best. Most, if not all those listed below would be the first to say we don't need to be thanked for our support;

I on the other hand disagree. The level of support from these individuals is nothing less than outstanding, and I thank each of you for your candor, suggestions, and behind the scene support.

At the top of this list is my wife and children who have endured the hundreds of hours I have put at this computer to follow a dream.

Major Chuck Edmonds (ret) Chuck has put in more hours than I can count in getting Yellow Footprints up and running on our new server. He has supported the Yellow Footprints mission for a number of years now, and did not hesitate to offer his help in getting the site up and running.

Wally Beddoe, of Papasmoke was the first to volunteer his expertise and vast wealth of knowledge in getting this site back on-line, I owe much to his support and many hours of hard work that will never be forgotten. He is a true brother Marine.

Neil Moore, A.K.A. Cpl Moore For those of you who know Neil, he has been by my side and a staunch supporter of our Marine Corps since our early days together starting back in 1996. I can't say enough about his commitment to this mission.

Jack LaBrecque, Jack is one of those Marines that would say I don't need any thanks for what he has done in supporting this mission. From straightforward suggestions, to offering to do site testing and research, he has been there all along.

Gunny Bill, Talk about dedication, this Marine has single handily posted more than 13 thousand obituary bio's that are included in our obituaries database. This database is dedicated in his honor for his commitment to the mission at hand.

Kerry Harper, Kerry is the son of Marine recruit J.G. Harper Jr. who attended boot camp with Lee Harvey Oswald. Kerry's mission was to reproduce his father's graduation book that exactly represents the original book. A copy of this book and it's contents are now located in the boot camp database thanks to his efforts.

Mike Davis, A.K.A. Ipscone When Mike heard about the Yellow Foot Prints mission he did not hesitate to step up to the plate and offer more than 20+ boot camp graduation books he had in his possession so they could be entered into our database. Even though he could have sold these books, he felt it was more important to our Corps to have these books placed in a historical database for future generations than the money they could have brought him.

Pat Hawkins, Marine Corps Historical Society San Diego, Ca Over the years Pat has taken the time to answer many of my phone calls and e-mails when searching for answers. The Historical Society's goal of supporting the Marine Corps has been evident in the level of support she has given this Marine.

Barry Looney, President, R. Lee Ermey Enterprises Barry a former Marine has encouraged and supported this mission for some time now with content suggestions, and future features advice.

Don Whitton, Owner Sgt Grit's Marine Specialties Don not only supports this mission, he has offered unique products for sale on this site as well.

Larry Mercer, Owner Ram Graphics Larry and his organization have been supplying our t-shirt since 1996. He has always been great to work with and has never missed a beat with rush orders. It's a great relationship.

Jon Zobrist,  Owner Bluesun networks.  Bluesun LLC,  Specializing in IT Consulting.  Jon's  skills include Networking, VPNs, Firewalls, Website design & web hosting, Email services (including automatic spam & virus filtering), Windows desktop support, Custom computer configuration, Linux on the desktop, Linux servers, FreeBSD, Intrusion detection monitoring, Web traffic filtering/monitoring, and much more.  Jon never served as a Marine but we have made him a honorary Marine for all the work he has done on this site (All Pro-Bono).  Jon has never stopped.  He is the energizer bunny of our web page.  Many times working more then 24 hours at a time to get the page moved from one server to another or to get up and running when something goes wrong.  Jon we can never think you enough.

Without the above supporters Yellow Foot Prints would not be possible, and we thank each and every one of you..... The Yellow Foot Prints team

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