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Welcome to Yellow Footprints

Yellow foot prints, where the journey began, where the rest of your life will be changed forever. Yellow Footprints is a historical data center with information that starts with boot camp, and ends with a Marines final duty station. Although there are many great Marine Corps websites on the internet, there are none like this site and the content it provides. Yellow Foot Prints is about historical information, information not found within the Marine Corps archives, and certainly information not found on the Internet in a searchable database. Although Yellow Foot Prints has many databases, none are as important as our Boot Camp graduation database, or the Obituary database.

We are proud to announce the recognition of Yellow Footprints by the Marine Corps Command Museum for both San Diego and Parris Island Historical Society as a supporting resource for boot camp graduation books and platoon pictures. We have worked hard over the years for this honor. Yellow footprints proudly supports the Marine Corps Historical Society and Museums at Parris Island and San Diego for the work they do in preserving Marine Corps history. Please visit and donate to these great organizations

The Military Communcations Center:

The Military Communications Center: The new Military Comm Center is another addition to the Yellow Footprints family of web sites. This is our way of supporting our sister branches. The site has forums set up for each branch of service with a number of sub-forums. And to think it's free to ALL.

The Marine Communcations Center:

The Marine Communications Center: This is a new addition to the Yellow Footprints family of web sites. The Comm Center is a great tool for those searching for Marines, or family members searching for relatives who were in the Corps. Where Yellow Footprints is about each Marines history during boot camp, the Comm Center is your way of connecting to those Marines you served with after boot camp.

Boot Camp on-line Database:

The boot camp on-line database is the only searchable database of it's kind on the Internet today! It starts from the late 1930's and continues through the present day. It covers both Parris Island and San Diego with listings of location, platoon numbers, recruit names, and rank at graduation where available. When available, graduation books are scanned and copied into the database that include Drill Instructor page as well as recruit photos. Another feature of this database is the ability of members to post their scanned pictures from their time in the Corps within the members gallery area of the database. The new email feature is the addition of email addresses that can now be added to the on-line database within each platoon section. Add your email address for ease of contact by fellow recruits. One very unique entry is platoon 2060 that graduated in January of 1957, Lee Harvey Oswald's was in that platoon. Platoon Pictures, copies of travel documents and more can be found within platoon 2060 platoon section .

Obituary on-line database:

The Obituary database is also searchable, and contains entries that include but are not limited to Arlington National Cemetery, The Wall, and KIA from Iraq that includes Desert Storm, and past wars as Korea, and Vietnam. This is an active database that even members can enter information about loved one's, or brother Marines.

System Messages
New Message system
Attention on deck,

Coming soon, the NEW Marine Comm Center. The new comm center is part of the Yellow Footprints family of Marine web sites dedicated in helping you locate those Marines you served with after boot camp.

For you new visitors (you notice I didn't say members) you can have your platoon sections as well as a personal section created in the boot camp database whether your a member or not. We do not require you to become a member to add your historical information to this great database. If you have any questions or comments you can reach out to any of the administrators, or me at

Carry On Marines!!

The Yellow Footprints team
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