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IN THE NEWS Post news about Marines in your area.

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Old 08-18-2010, 06:03 AM
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cmyr cmyr is offline
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Location: SE WI
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I find this disgusting

As some of us in the Midwest say, "only in California"....

Seems Honor doesn't mean much to some people... now anyone can claim they've received the Medal of Honor...
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Old 08-18-2010, 06:16 AM
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Cpl Miller Cpl Miller is offline
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I just read this,

in the Sacramento Bee newspaper. These people have no honor what so ever. Wearing medals, or claiming you were a combat vet is cause to be removed from the human race.

This jackass Xavier Alvarez of Pomona, Calif should go to jail, and loose his job as a water district board member. Sure we as American's have rights, but sometimes those rights are used to step on others, and that AIN'T right.

If you'd like to contact the Water company of Pomona here is their contact information:

505 South Garey Avenue, Pomona, CA 91766-3320
(909) 620-2241

By the way, as of this morning 8/18 the water companies web site is down....I wonder why????

In case you want to email the District Attorney's Office
County of Los Angeles here's a link to their email form.
Semper Fi

Cpl Miller 1964 - 1970 USMC
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Old 08-19-2010, 05:11 AM
rmeunier1 rmeunier1 is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Providence, R.I.
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Hi everyone, back on the air. Unfortunately, I had to travel to Florida for a death in the family. I just read the posting about this Xavier Alavarez. Seriously, this knucklehead should be sent to jail. Maybe in the next life he will be sentenced to an eternity of recruit training, stuck in phase 1 forever. / Semper Fidelis / Regina Meunier USMC 1987-1991
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Old 08-19-2010, 08:00 AM
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Marine1955 Marine1955 is offline
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This is and outrage I heard on TV yesterday that a Judge said that they are protected under the 1 amendment . That's BULL-CHIT !!!!
how COME IF THAT PROTECTED THAT IF A SERVICE MEN OR WOMEN IS SAYING THEY RATE THIS OR THAT THEY CAN GET COURT MARSHALED. It use to be a crime if some scum bag said I was a Marine and was wearing the uniform they could go to jail now they get nothing done to them cause it's protected under the 1 amendment. Along with myself and thousands of men and women who sing a contract now are no-in-void what the Frock. that means now if I say hell I spent 3 tours in Nam and some other god forsaken place they can't do or say anything thats just wrong wrong wrong !!!Those Bastards need to be made to go to boot camp and force to wear the uniform and serve there country and earn the right to say yes I'm a Veteran.
Sorry but i get really upset when dirt bags get away with chit like this.

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Old 08-19-2010, 08:15 AM
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Location: S.W. Kansas
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I called and talked to a woman who said she knew nothing about this dirt bag and that her son was a Marine and she said she would look into this matter and bring it up to the supervisor about him being fired. I told her that I was calling long distance to voice my outrage about him and she said yes I would be mad also ,I said I can't use the real words I want to use cause she was a lady and she laugh and said thats all right. Will see how far this goes. I had to call and blow off some steam and I did.

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