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Old 09-07-2007, 12:42 AM
jflynn jflynn is offline
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1972 Platoon 2133 bootcamp story

Hey Marines wake up and grab your socks.
Heres my story,and all you fellow marines in my platoon will remember this story. Get off the bus right now. I said move it. Hurry hurry hurry. Get your footprints on the yellow footprints. As I was standing there there were some regular Marines walking by laughing,saying you are gonna be sorry. Little did I know how butt nacked I would be in about 20 min. with a shaved head. It was all a blur, take this bag but don't look over here and shut the fuck up. Don't eyeball me you scuzzy little puke.
Man was I excited, I joined the Marines. Did I make a mistake? Hi Mom I'm OK see you sometime in the future. Where am I ? I'm shulffing down this stucco hallway with arcways. It's 4'oclock in the A.M. Take a rack and shut the fuck up, Go to sleep, you are going to need it. It was so dark, new sounds, my heart racing faster and faster. I could have sworn I fell asleep. Get the fuck up now. get up get up get up. get dresed now. hurry hurry. Get out outside now. I don't even recall who these troop handlers are. Shut up and listen up. There was an older SSgt and cpl. We are not your Drill Instructors. For the next week we will take you to receive all that is needed before you start your training and pickup your Drill Instructors.
BOOM I was in shock when we were taken to the mess hall. We were yelled at but everybody there was screaming and cussing inside . What the fuck is this. Don't look anywhere. Holy shit these people are crazy. This is a machine. What the hell did I eat and how fast ? For the next week we all went to the doctor. took test after test and learned to march a little. If you wanna call it that. I don't think the troop handlers were crazy about taking a bunch of dumdasses around. More like babysetting.
Oh o something is gonna happen. We are standing outside a small barricks for about 2 hours at parade rest. We see DI's walking back and forth inside pointing at up. The door swings open here they come. You know the feeling like you get when you are going to get your ass kicked and you can't do a thing about it. Yeah it's worse that that. Don't you fuckin look a me. The first words out of your mouth will be sir and the last word will be sir. Do you understand YES-SIR!!!!Turn to your right now move out. The Senior DI was SSgt Thompson and the Sgt Spivey and Sgt Shaffer. They run us back to the barracks. Told us to get topside and ger our seabags and return back to formation. Man we were flying I thought we were gonna fall down the ladderwell. Thes DI's are all over us. I guess we were to slow getting our seabags. We must have run at least 20 times up and down the ladderwell. It's getting dark and we are in the squadbay with our seabags over our head screaming at the top of our lungs. Runing in place. Shit my bottle of wisk broke and its leaking all over me. This has gone on for 2 Hours. everybody is getting slapped and punched. Put your seabags down and get on the road for chow. Thank god I'm hungry.
We lock arms and march to the chowhall. Wow the food smells so good. Keep my chow line movin privs'. Oh man I got something to eat. I sit down and start to eat. All of a suden I hear Get the fuck outta my chow hall. Get out now you fuckin magots, MOVE MOVE MOVE. Shit now what.
They run us back to the barracks. as we are standing there being screamed at about how to enter the chowhall and eat the proper way we needed motovation. SOOOOOOO get in the fuckin pit. Oh no! This is gonna be bad. Bends and thrusts READY COUNT.
1231sir1232sir1234sir 12350sir OH NO we don't want to sound off do we ladies. YESSIR No I don't think so lets start over. needless to say we were in the pit for a good hour. This shit is rough. So the shower us and tell us a little about whats in store over the next 12 weeks. These guys are not bullshiting at all. Fuckin hard core.
Get up get up get up. Get on line hurry Count off. It's 5:30 am. I didn't sleep or did I. Two are UA Didn't even get to know them. For the next 4 weeks we will drill and pt and pt and pt. tear our racks down over and over. SSgt thompson was a black gut about 6 foot tall and built like a marine. For some reason he didn't seem to be very motovated about training. I wondered why. Shit we got our answer Two weeks later we got a new Senior DI. SSgt Lawrence. Oh damn this guy was fresh from PI. Big Bastard. Loved to run called us Squirrels all the time.
I remember walking into the squadbay and finding my lock gone from my footlocker. Along with about six other guys. So the DIs said anybody with a missing lock get up to the duty hut. They put all six of us in the small closet and said we had 5 min. to unlock the locks that they put togeather. Funny stuff. It was pitch black and the only light was down ant the bottom of the floor. Neddless to say they PTed the shit out of us.
We were at the rifle range and myself and another recruit were sitting on the rack and bullshitting. All of a sudden here comes SSgt. Lawrence waking into the barracks so we call the squadbay to attention. Well when we stood up the springs were bouncing. Here he comes staring right at me. I'm busted. He's in front of me, maybe twice my size and asks were you sitting on the rack Pvt. Flynn NO SIR You wouldn't lie to me would you NO SIR You know what I will do to you if you lie to me. YES SIR. He turns to Pvt. Archaletta and say's was Pvt Flynn sitting on the rack. YES SIR Oh shit He slapped me so fuckin hard across my face I was starting to black out. Bam another across the other side screaming at me about lying. Crack right into my gut knocking the wind out of me. screaming get up, get up. He keep hitting me for about 5 min. Then he took myself and Pvt. Archalleta into the duty hut for rifle PT.
So anybody remember Bootcamp the real way. We got busted smoking at ITS traning We were the first series to go through ITS instead of ITR. But this little snich told on us that we were smoking. When we got back to mainside The DIs told everybody to bring up there smokes. They put us in the closet and made us put four cigarettes in each hand smoke four at a time, all the time counting cadence. left right left right. Lawrence put a gas mask on when doing this. So everytime smokers were allowed to smoke we had to go out and PT. But it was not all bad. But those stories are for another time.
Semper Fi
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Old 09-07-2007, 09:06 AM
Cpl Miller's Avatar
Cpl Miller Cpl Miller is offline
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This is a great story that....

would add to the Journal section. You might want to add it to the fournal section so your story won't get lost in the forums.

Just an idea.

Semper Fi

Cpl Miller 1964 - 1970 USMC
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Old 11-20-2007, 10:30 AM
Hood Hood is offline
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Ironic..I was plt 2133 also, but in 1969

Very interesting account of your boot camp experience. Mine was about the same during that hot ass summer of '69 just different names and places..We had to live in tents (wooden deck and 2by6 wood frame) for our 10 days or so of 'receiving barracks' and then got to move up to the quinset huts lined along the 'grinder' edge. One hut called the classroom where we would all pile into for PT when the red flag went up because of temps near 100F in mid-afternoon. Oh well, thats why it is called the USMC!! My experience been tellling stories like this to Army, Navy or Air force friends yrs later and they looked at me like I was either tellin bullshit stories or was crazy for letting them treat me that way(??)!!! Only thing I can say then is "You just had to have BEEN there to understand the situation"

Ironic about the plt number being same too!! My Plt commander was a SSgt Johnson, black and mean as hell but some how fair, second string was a sgt Grace, no comment there.. Have had no luck so far in locating any guys or the Plt Commander, would be nice to talk to any...

Semper Fi Bro....
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Old 11-16-2017, 05:28 PM
spunky spunky is offline
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i was there about that time

trying to find any pictures had the same DI
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