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Whats your story? Post experience while in the Corps

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Old 04-14-2018, 12:17 PM
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Night at the movies

I was in platoon 1027, April, may and most of June 1980. About 9 or 10 weeks in we got to go to the base theater and see a movie. The DI's told us we could sit anywhere we wanted, meaning we didn't have to sit with our platoon necessarily., and we didn't have to ask for permission to make a head call. We were watching "Fiddler on the roof" kind of lame , but 10 weeks of nothing but DI ' s breathing down our necks it was welcomed relief. During the movie i thought I'd take advantage of the temporary privlige of making a head call without asking permission. So up the aisle I went towards the exit when I noticed the officer of the day standing at the back of the theater. He was on duty so he was armed with his cover on inside. I was not, in a moment of sheer panic of not knowing how to or even if to acknowledge him, I snapped off a very crisp salute, immediately realizing I fucked up. The OD said "Recruit" I stopped , knowing I messed up. "Sir yes sir " I responded "How long have you been here?" He asked "Sir ten weeks sir" my response. "Ten weeks and you don't realize you don't salute indoors if you're not under gaurd" He asked?" Sir private knows better private panicked sir" Then he asked what platoon I was in. Now we did everything with the rest of the series 1025, 1026, and 1028. I was in platoon 1027. Seeing how the Dis had told us to sit anywhere we wanted the platoons were all mixed up. Not wanting another ass chewing my response was "Sir 1025 sir" the OD told me to "carry on" "Sir yes sir" I responded, pivoted and made my way to the head, which was no longer necessary seeing I just had the kiss scared out of me. I used a different door going back into the theater, not wanting to see the OD again, and sat in a different seat as well. There I watched the rest of the movie worrying about my lie and thinking about my pit call if I got caught. We fell out and got in formation, after the movie. Two platoons down 1025's DI was absolutely livid jumping up and down stomping around spittle flying from his face, vines popping out of his forehead and neck wanting to know who the fuck saluted the Officer of the day inside the theater. So if you were a member of platoon 1025 I most sincerely apologise for the torment my lie might of caused you that night and I'm sure the next couple of days.

John W. Glass
4th squad leader
Platoon 1027
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