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Old 06-18-2019, 04:23 PM
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Richard A. Rios

Richard A. Rios passed away April 27,2019. He was born December 3. 1984 at Southern Nevada Memorial Hospital in Las Vegas. He graduated from Cheyenne High School in 2003. He wasn't much into sports, but he did participate in "Power Puff." He wanted to not only to join some form of armed service when he grew up, but he also wanted to become a cop, just like his dad Jere. After graduating high school he worked for Walmart and Whitecap for about three years. He moved to Utah to be near his brother and sister. In Utah he joined the U.S. Marines and asked his girlfriend to be his wife. Then the snow came. But the cold didn't like Richard and he certainly didn't like the cold. So he packed up his stuff and his Fiancee and moved back to Las Vegas. Got his old job back at Whitecap. He married his Fiancee Sept. 30, 2006, and found out he was going to be a da all in one month. He still stayed true to his word and went back to Utah for his ship out date to put his feet on the yellow boot prints. And that my friends, started his future in aviation electronics and his LOVE for jets. It molded his career life around them. In the Marines he learned that being a mentor starts with yourself. We landed in South Carolina as our first duty station. Culture Shock! Being a couple of young kids from Vegas, we were shocked that everything closed at a reasonable hour. Nothing was 24 hours anymore, what? Richard heard the two worst words ever at a bar there, "Last Call." While on duty there Richard went on deployment to Australia, Thailand and Japan. Then he went on his second deployment to Japan and Thailand. From there he went to our beloved San Diego AKA Escondido, and became a surrogate family to many many, many wonderful Marines. Our house was always open for anyone that needed company, a meal, an ear, or a shoulder to cry on. Tough day at work? Come over Rios' house. Tough Tuesday? Come over Rios' house, we got tacos. While in San Diego he got his Associates Degree from ITT Technical Institute,in electronics. He graduated with the highest honors. Shortly after that he received orders for Recruiter school. Yay! With that said loaded the car and headed to BAASTAAN. While there he received an innumerable amount of awards for his hard work. One that resonates with me in particular is "Recruiter of the Quarter". While there he also picked up Staff Sargent. Richard spent many a night mentoring and listened to everyone's stories on their lives and just wanted to help them be better, not only to appease him but to better themselves. I would make fun of him, saying couldn't "Dad" everyone.Two words were his response, "Challenge accepted.' While in Massachusetts he realized there was no Toys for Tots drive, so he lit a fire under everyone's behinds and that is how he started that amazing legacy for many families in need.After Recruiter Duty the family got new orders back to beautiful San Diego, California. He saw his work desk when he joined up his new squadron, went back to grab his cranial to work again on jets.But was told "Staff Sargent, this isn't your job anymore. Go back to your desk." He finally got to be inside after years of bitching about the heat or the cold, but his love for working on jets never ended. He Taught every new Marine that came in to the Viking Fold. HE instilled in them his knowledge, insights, and intuitions for his passion of jets. He had his desk and met awesome people because of that desk. His enthusiasm leaked on to you. Had you wanting to fix and understand so that you could do it to. Richard took pride in all of his achievements, but at the same time never told most people about them because he was extremely humble to say anything. Unless he won a golf game, then he bragged about that. Dick blessed us in so many ways. The fact that he made sure that his children always remember that FAMILY is THE important thing. He loved taking his family to the beach. Especially with friends. He loved being at the beach and teaching our kids something every time we went. Teaching and understanding to help people any way he could that was his thing. He did it for and too everyone, including me his wife. Even now he's still helping. He's still talking, I talk with him constantly. Yes, we still argue. Yes, we still say our "I love you's'. The time we had wit you, Hun, is like love. Never ending. Now we just about you more, tell funnier stories (cause you can't control this mouf,) miss you even harder than ever before. Till I see you, Hun. My love for you is like the ocean. It's dark and deep, but you are my sunshine now, so it will always be warm love. Since the day I was born, we've been inseparable ever since. I have vivid memories of climbing trees to see who could get the furthest, swimming the whole Vegas summers away and using the sun as our towel. We stayed up all night laughing and playing only to sleep all day. Any food I had was also yours because you'd stick your finger in the middle asking 'you gonna eat that'? which led big brother bites. What's mine is yours, right? We laugh about the times when we drank all the god beers and the aftermath, especially that time my I missed flight; but also being each other's crying shoulder when we need to let a couple tears out once a year. It didn't matter if it was over a sushi date or closing the bar in the early morning hours. My most cherished memory is our ocean adventures to ride the waves, where time stood still and we pushed each other to see who could go in the ocean further. We always pushed each other to be our selves in all of life's aspects. Never judgement, just pure everlasting love with the most exceptional bond that will not stop now, as I keep the million other memories close to my heart. This next breath is for you, my Brother. My hero. Love you and Stuff. He is survived by his mother, Marie Hibbert;Sisters, Victoria Rios and Candace Huff; Brothers, John Rios, Joel Rios, Charles Bradley, Skip Hibbert, Mike Hibbert; his Wife, Sami Rios his two spawn (in a loving way.) Ella his daughter his monkey and Ian his son, his player 2. Also his grandmother, Geri; and his many many aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces. With Richard it was never good bye, it was always 'see ya soon'. 'A lil taste.' 'Love you and stuff.' In lieu of flowers donations can be made to the Toys for Tots in Massachusetts.

Contact is Kari Rosado USMC Veteran, 7 Amelia Dr., North Chelmsford MA 01863
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