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Sorry. You're pic isn't in this book. I'll add 1954 to my PISC list of books to look for.

Thanks for the question. I do have another 1954 book that's not listed here. I'll have to double-check my book listings and get them updated.

And I suppose I should add the platoon photos that I have to the listings, also.

Platoon numbers are not listed in SRBs because recruits can be recycled, put on hold, etc. I hear tell that there is a way to obtain platoon info via old unit diary entries, but haven't had time to research the process on who to write to for the information. (add to list of things to do- )

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-----Just thought of something. If you have your DD214 from your first enlistment, the Date Entered Active Duty should be the date when you shipped to boot camp. Then, depending on the length of boot camp for the timeframe, that period of time can be added to the Date Entered Active Duty to give the month (approximate time) of graduation from boot camp. ----

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