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I can see the reasons why the Khaki shirt was dropped. Many League members did not follow th uniform guidelines of the Marine Corps League. I've seen members wearing DoD ribbons and even rank stripes on their Khaki shirts. The Corps has been generous to the League about the parts of the Marine Corps uniforms we are allowed to wear. But, if we don't follow the uniform regulations of the Corps and the League, we might end up wearing similar uniforms to the uniforms of other Veteran organzations.

I'm not crazy about MCL members wearing Marine Corps uniforms either. There are guidelines for Veterans wearing a Marine Corps uniform in the Corps Uniform Regulations. Those guidelines are often violated. I'm not sure where some members with 50" waists get a set of dress blues but I've seen them. I've also seen Veterans with pony tails or just long hair, beards and other things that violate to regulations. If you can't look like a Marine, don't try!
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