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Office Hours

The M/Sgt had a spare room set up at his house as his Marine Room.

He and his wife had two little boys that was always screwing up by their standards, which was quiet often. The wife would have the culprit standing outside his office (Marine Room) at parade rest. The M/Sgt would come in, set behind his desk and yell report! At this time the little boy that had office hours coming would center the hatch and report as ordered.

One day he came and both was standing outside his hatch. He yelled "report" to the first one, who immediately centered the hatch and yelled, "private scumbag reporting as ordered."The ole man told him that from the note their mom had written him, he had failed to dump the trash can that morning and fined him two weeks allowance. He dismissed the kid and he did a smart two steps to the rear then an about face and booked.

"Report" he told the second one and at which time the kid came in and slouched up against the door sill and just looked at his dad. "Not guilty" he said and "how do I get out of this chicken shit outfit!!!!"
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