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EWG Guns

Bigger is NOT always better
If youíve ever owned a retail store you know that every inch of counter space and wall space is used for product displays. If youíre a small store that space means even more when displaying products.
This is NOT always true when you want to display things that have nothing to do with the products you sell. Today I had the absolute pleasure of stopping in to check out a new gun store I found in Loomis, CA. Loomis being about 20 miles East of Sacramento, CA heading towards Reno up Hwy 80.
As I parked by car in the small parking lot the first thing that came to mind was how small this gun store appears to be, then I walked inside. Not sure what I expected to see but what caught my eye was their display of the Wall of Honor as they call it. Instead of using every inch of wall space they have dedicated an entire wall to our military with pictures donated by localís who have served this great nation. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. See attached pictures.
After some time viewing the wall I turned to meet the owners and check out their inventory. It may not be the largest collection of firearms but what they carry are top of the line weaponís as well as a good supply of antique rifles and pistols. According to the owners if you donít see what you are looking for they can order in as well as ship out of state.
If you are in the market for a new or even a good used weapon give these folks a try. Edward (Gilbert) would be happy to help you. I found a non-pressure situation with many smiles that made me feel at home.
Give EWG Guns Inc. a try, you wonít be sorry.

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