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It's sad when the "norms" of society are thrust upon an organization that has a mission to provide warriors to protect the Nation. The Army has been in a state of shambles since the 1980's. It has no mission, no direction and no vision for the future other than the pathetic fad group it has become. The adoption of the beret was the slap in the face and now these soldiers are swirling down the drain.

The air force is a close second, but I have to give them some credit when they went to the Commadant on advice how to deploy units-not whole bases.

As long as the Marine Corps is on duty the country will be safe. There will be issues and drama, but as long as the fundamentals are there, the Corps will be there.

"Semper Fi"

PS: If the Marine Corps isn't the best, why do all those puke slime bag pieces of shit feel it is so important to claim to be former Marines!
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