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Viet Nam 66/67, The Cpl Rysavy story

First let me thank John "Butch" Haw for supplying these great pictures from Viet Nam 1966 - 1967 taken during Cpl Dave Rysavy tour of duty. Through the eyes of the camera you will experience the daily life of a grunt Marine in area's of Chu Lai, and Da Nang with the 1st Shore party, 7th Motor Transport Bn.

Cpl Dave Rysavy 1945 - 2010

The Cpl Rysavy story (in pictures) is located within the boot camp database Special photo section. We hope this will start the flow of pictures you Marines have taken during your time in the Corps.

The boot camp database has become much more than a place to store boot camp graduation pictures, we've decided to expand the database to include this new section where you can store those pictures that are part of each Marines experience in the Corps. These are pictures we can not afford to loss.

We hope you enjoy this new, and exiting place to see what it was really like for you Marines.

Semper Fi

Carry On Marines!!

The Yellow footprints team
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Semper Fi

Cpl Miller 1964 - 1970 USMC

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