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Site move update!!

First let me say thank you for your patients during the web site move to our new servers.

Although the site runs much faster, there are functions that still do not work correctly.
1. Responding to threads, or posts are still not working. Creating new threads does however work.
2. Sending private emails via the site will post, but one can not read or respond to those messages.
3. We can create new platoon section in the boot camp database, but not upload information into those newly created platoon sections.

Our webmaster (AJ) is working on the database issues first, then will move on to the forums fix. Our original forums software is an older version that our new servers can't, or won't run correctly. We'll be updating to newer forums software shortly.

If for ANY reason you need to reach out to me, you can do so via my email address at;

For those wondering about books send to us for scanning, or have emailed us your platoon book information. We continue to receive and scan books, and store emails. ALL books and emails are archived for entry into the database once the database comes back on line.

Again we thank you for your patience, we know it's frustrating to say the least.

The Yellow Footprints Team
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