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It's time something was said.

After many years of personally known Cpl Miller I think it is time I said something different about him.

Over the years Cpl Miller has worked tirelessly in the background working to keep this web site running for all of you. I personally know that at times over these years he has worked as much as 24 hours a day to this web site.

I know that he has worked these hours because of us have been working at his side.

Cpl Miller was forced to retire because not known my many of you he is disabled. He has tried for some years to get a VA disability for the illnesses and injuries he had while on active duty. But over the years the VA keeps turning him down because of documentation. Yes one word documentation. If he knew at the time while he was on active duty he would now have that documentation that the VA is asking for. Yes I can tell you how much documentation and verifications needed to get a disability. I like a lot of you have been through it. But since I was a officer I think it was easier for me then for a little Cpl E-4. I have a college degree (the Marine Corps put me through college while I was on active duty), The Marine Corps showed me how to keep records never knowing if I would ever need them or not. But for most you ... you will know that if you was a E-4 you never received that training or received any kind of guidance for after you were discharged. More then 90% if you never retired.

So, I would hope that all of you would give Cpl Miller a big hand for what he is doing in keeping all of you informed about our most prized possession (The Marine Corps Boot Camp year Book).

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