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The unsung hero’s

As we go through life there are many unsung hero’s we meet on our journey, MOST, if not all will tell you they are not hero’s, they do what they do from the kindness of their hearts. They do not ask for recognition, in fact most will tell you to NOT say who they are when they help others.

In my 64 years I can honestly say I have met more of these hero’s (Marines, and none Marines alike) via Yellow footprints than I ever have in the past. This does not count my time in the Corps, hero’s are everywhere in the Corps.

From an SgtMajor, to a wonderful lady who simply supports the Corps, and our mission I can't say enough about their personal efforts. These unsung heroes’s use their own money to purchase books that are then sent to us for safe keeping until we can find them a home. To a former Marine who took it upon himself to personally visit Parris Island to catalog the boot camp graduation books they have in the different recruit training Battalion’s. To a number of former Marines who collect these books, pass on their collection listings for our database, THEN happily give these books away FREE of charge to their fellow Marines.

I get emails all the time reflecting on how much I do for the site and my fellow Marines, and I thank each of you for your kind words. BUT in the end it must be noted that I am not the only one who cares, and supports this site be it our graduation book database, to the maintenance of the site. Much goes on behind the scenes here that most of you know nothing about.

To the administrators who monitor and run this site, and the unsung hero’s…Thanks for all you do, it means so much to so many.
Semper Fi

Cpl Miller 1964 - 1970 USMC
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