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I think they should review the congress completely.!!!! When a person who is elected into congress only has to serve one day and they can receive there pay tax free for the rest of there living life without paying taxes that is wrong even while they are serving in congress they don't pay taxes and then they want to raise our taxes so they can have there yearly raises and claim it's to help pay down the dept! There full of chit!! If they all would cut there pay from the ungodly amount they make to a reasonably amount and have to pay taxes like the rest and when they get out of congress they would not get there salary.It would cease and when they reach retirement age they could draw there retirement fund like everyone else does.
Congress and the Senate both make way to much money and demand they keep getting raises while we the public Joe Q tax payer take cuts on diss abilities and S.S.I. or Freezes on our yearly cost of living expense .
Also they seem to have the need to have really nice homes that are like mansions that they don't need.

We as tax payers are getting screwed by the very people who we elect these dumb liberals who want to let all illegals in and give them free everything from food stamps,well fare free medical you name it and also wants them to be able to vote in all elections.
What is our country coming to..
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