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glad to be of service, Zebra29er...

TR dates......

Okay... TR dates would normally be worked up before the actual graduation day (once the orders were received). In my day, there would be a final admin class a day or so before graduation where the recruits would reverify that all the information in their records was correct. Also, the drill instructors would pick up the service records the night before graduation.

TR dates can be changed, i.e., lined out and initialed by the admin clerk because of a last minute change to the "report by" date, etc. I've seen it where the night before recruit graduation a recruit did something "dumb" and got put on legal hold. That recruit's TR date was changed using the line out and initial method....

Sometimes a recruit would have to hang around for a while after graduation.

TR dates can be the "report no later than ____ date MINUS applicable travel time plus leave.

TR dates can be specified on the orders.

But normally, recruit TR dates would be entered as the actual scheduled graduation date from boot camp.
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