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Got to love a success story....

Over the last few days the Yellow footprints team has been working with a number of Marines in helping them find their respective counter parts from boot camp.
Contacted by a wounded Viet Nam vet in search of his boot camp buddies turns into a great success story today. With the help of our databases and a little detective work on the Internet turned up one such Marine.

As we made contact with the Chief of police of a small Texas town to verify his status as a former Marine, and one who attended training with the Marine we were working with this story came to a happy ending. In deed the Chief was the Marine we were looking for. With excitement on everyone's part we were able to connect the two former combat Marines.

Turns out these Marines were in combat just a short distance apart from the Da Nang air base. As we spoke to each of these Marines their stories flowed as if it was yesterday, although it all took place around 1967.

This success story reflects the committment of those that are part of this great team of former Marines, and I thank each of you for your support of this mission.
Semper Fi

Cpl Miller 1964 - 1970 USMC

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