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Originally Posted by cmyr View Post
First Row: PFC Kenneth R. Johnson, PFC Alan C. King, PFC Marvin R. Kleppinger (wounded Saipan and Iwo Jima), PFC John C. Lafferty, PFC Wallace C. LaPointe (wounded-Iwo Jima)

Second Row: PFC Joe G. Lawson, PFC Theodore M. Littman, PFC George J. Mavromatis, PFC Raymond E. McClure, PFC James B. McCormick (KIA-Saipan)

Third Row: PFC Donald O. McDonald, PFC Andrew E. Oliver, PFC Manuel Oliver, PFC Michael J. Palmieri (wounded-Iwo Jima), PFC Robert A. Patrick

Fourth Row: PFC Gordon C. Peck (wounded-Iwo Jima), PFC Glen P. Rardin, PFC George Roberts, Jr. (wounded-Iwo Jima), PFC Joseph F. Santaniello, PFC John M. Saunders

Fifth Row: PFC Michael Soroka, PFC John W. Sudock, PFC Glendon L. Sutton, PFC Enus F. Taglialavore, PFC William J. Thigpen, Jr.
Thank you so much for posting this! My maternal Grandfather is Robert A Patrick pictured here. I was able to pick him out immediately, even before I checked your list of names to be sure I was looking at the right row. He passed away 10/2/2007 of kidney failure.
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