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First Row: Assistant Cook Leonard B. Stanley, PFC Joseph C. Albano (wounded-Iwo Jima), PFC Wendel Andrews, PFC Donovan E. Andrus, PFC Charles O. Applegate

Second Row: PFC Edgar E. Austen, PFC Stephen R. Baker, PFC Charles A. Beall, PFC William F. Bias, Jr. (wounded-Iwo Jima), PFC Achille K. Bini (wounded-Saipan and Iwo Jima)

Third Row: PFC William R. Blinn, PFC Lamar H. Bragg, Jr. (wounded-Iwo Jima), PFC Robert R. Buckley, PFC Richard T. Bush (KIA-Iwo Jima), PFC Charles D. Callahan (wounded-Iwo Jima)

Fourth Row: PFC Stuart C. Carl, PFC Gean D. Carr (KIA-Iwo Jima), PFC Howard C. Chase, Jr., PFC Robert C. Collins, PFC Johnnie T. Colones

Fifth Row: PFC Earl J. Conklin, Jr., PFC Quentin E. Cook, PFC James R. Coughlin (wounded-Iwo Jima), PFC Paul J. Cox, PFC Thomas J. Cuddihy
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