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I am not sure how anyone would find this since it seems search does not work, at least as I expect it to, but the platoon picture is posted at

I have sent the graduation book pictures for Platoon 262 (only) to YFP, but if anyone wants them in a different way, they are available at:

If anyone else from the platoon sees this post, please drop me a line via pm. The graduation picture and yearbook pictures were sent to me via another member of the platoon, and I am passing them on. THANKS Jerry!!!

Semper Fi,

Originally Posted by KB_Thailand View Post
MCRD Parris Island April 23-June 24, 1969 Platoon 262(*)
* Ok, I admit this was a long time ago, and my memory may be way off, but I recall we started life as Platoon 262, and it was changed a couple of weeks before graduation. However, the old brain cells will NOT recall what it was changed to, if it indeed was changed! I know it was 262 from screaming it in the smoking circle when the smoking lamp was lit, but that could have been before or after the change. Some things are hard to forget.

I know the Senior DI was SSgt Dunleavy, and I seem to recall one of the other DI's was Sgt Cole.

If anyone can give me the straight skinny on this, I would appreciate it. I have done many searches, and looked through many lists and pictures, and have found nothing but one reference to SSgt Dunleavy, from a Marine who I believe was in his next Platoon after we graduated.

I am trying to find out:
1) What was our graduation platoon number?
2) Is there a graduation picture/yearbook available anywhere for my platoon?

Any good g2 really appreciated!

Semper Fi and Best Regards,
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