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Although this post is in response to Major Edmond's post..see link I wanted to send this message out to all members of the site.


Do NOT cut yourself short Sir, you are still a leader of Marines old or not and that will NEVER change. What you and Jon do for this web site and it's members attest to your commitment to your Marines. As for Jon, here is a man that isn't even a Marine yet he knows how important this web site is to our brother and sister Marines. Jon the level of commitment you bring to the table is nothing less than OUTSTANDING and I thank you for that commitment.

I never get tired of saying this but this mission we're on in returning history is not now or ever has been a one man (Marine) show. It's about people like Chuck, and Jon, and so many others who work behind the scenes to make this all happen. I don't need to name names because you know who you are.

With out you Marines and non-Marines and your support this site wouldn't be what it has become. The proof of importance is what the stats tell us, in any given month this site (Yellow Footprints) has over 200,000 pages views alone. I'll have to check and see what the visitor count is but I know it's high.

So in closing let me extend a HAND SOLUTE to all of you that support this web site and it's mission.

This brother and sisterhood is alive and well......

Semper Fi

Cpl Miller
Semper Fi

Cpl Miller 1964 - 1970 USMC
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