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I guess as old office pog I can be wrong.. I'm sorry I was wrong... I'm getting to be just a very old Major that no longer knows how to be a Major or battalion level commander/manager.

I said that my server was six (6) years old when it went out. It was not six years old. It was 8 years old. I guess 8 years old is worse then being 6 years old.

But because we did such a good job backing things up when we moved your web forums to my server it became very easy this time.

When my server went down it was all at once. No warning.. no noise, and no blinking of lights.. Just poooffffffffff and out.

Two things happened. One of my 2 - 16 gig RAM sims went out. The second thing was my video card went out. The cooling fan on it came apart. When the cooling fan came apart.. zap the video card got hot and burnt out. I don't know if the fooling fan caused the RAM to burn out or if the RAM caused the cooling fan to burn out. But they both went out about the same time. When that happens you have no server. I could have saved the hard drive. But because it was already 8 years old and I had good backups I just went ahead and replaced it. So thanks to Gary, Jack, and the rest of you that helped on the move last time we are in business. I have we had it made this time. The reason it took 3 days getting the server back on line was because I had to order the new server and have it shipped over night. But that was actually 2 nights and one day. Then a day loading the Linux operating system and the rest of the time loading the backups to the software. It would have been a little faster but as I said I am getting old and I have for gotten a lot of the Linux software commands. But they all come back with time.

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