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"em TEXICAN Wiminns

Being a Texican, I could not pass this 1 up:

3 men were sitting at together at the watering hole(bar), bragging on their new wives duties at the hooch(home).

The 1st man married a woman from Colorado, and bragged that he has told his wife that she was going have to do all of the dishes, housecleaning and have supper on the table at 6PM. The Texican asks, "How long did that take?"

He said it took a couple of days but the dishes was cleaned and put away, the house was clean and supper was awaiting.

The 2nd man married and Okie woman and told he on honeymoon tha she was to do all of the cooking, houseingcleaning and supper ready. On the 1st day no results, the 2nd day was a little better, house was cleaned. on the 3rd day the house was cleaned, dishes done and huge feast on the dinner table.

The Texican marries a Texican woman, and he told her on the honeymoon that she was to do the housecleaning, mow the lawn, supper on the table, laundry done every day and shirts pressed. He did not see the on 1st day see anything. The 2nd day he still did not see anything. By the 3rd day most of the swelling had gone down,and could see a little out of the left eye. He could see enough to do sum laundry, fixed a little bite to eat, run the vac, load the dishwasher and get and mow the front lawn.

I just love 'em liberated Texas wiminns
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