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They were not there in 1958 either. In fact, we didn't even see a DI for a day or two! Our escorts on the bus from Yemassee were MP's. At Recruit Receiving, we were herded into the building by clerks that worked there. There was a delay in being picked up by a DI so we spent a full day at the Receiving Center.

They herded us to a mess hall for meals and did some processing during the day but we mostly just boiled in the squadbay that day. The temps were over 100 degrees and air conditioning was open windows with a couple of floor fans. The next morning, we were woken up by our new JDI's. Some of us were gotten out of slumber by the feeling of falling as the DI's turned over a few of the double racks! Luckily, nobody ended up with any broken bones and the process began.
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