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Cool Yellow Footprints?

I reported to Parris Island in September 1959. I just can't remember yellow footprints. They might have been there, but no big deal was made of them. I remember a lot of yelling and herding together and we spent the next couple of hours herding from one room to another, filling out forms, and taking some dumb psych tests. Of course, all this was done at 'o'dark-thirty' (we arrived around midnight).

The point I wanted to make, is that my Boot Camp Book has about 90 pages in it. 80 of those pages is 'boilerplate,' Marine Corps general information (mission and all that) and generic Parris Island scenes of recruit training (only about 9 pages of my particular platoon). Nowhere is there a picture of yellow footprints. One scene shows newbies reporting into the Receiving Barracks and just shows them herded onto the sidewalk in front of the Front Door. No intervals, no columns to speak of, certainly not standing on any yellow footprints.

If there were yellow footprints in 1959, they were fairly new and had not really caught on yet.

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