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I am sorry, I really do not belong here as a medically retired Navyman. However I was Googleing my father and this came up as a hit.

Sgt3531, your SDI GySgt Bernard Mounce was my father. I do remember those wonderful years stationed at Parris Island. You may have had the pleasure of meeting me at one time or another. My dad used to like to bring me in and bet recruits that they could not do twice as may push ups as I could. He never lost a bet. Dad did two tours pushing boots at PI. I got strong during those tours. Sadly my father died within 11 years of retiring from the USMC. He may no longer be with me, but there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him. I have a retirement shadowbox dedicated to him on my dresser in my bedroom and the only thing that has changed in it since the day it was made is the flag. It now has the one that draped his coffin untouched since that day.

Semper Fi from a brat. And God bless all those that serve

Originally posted by Sgt3531
SSgt Bernard Mounce (senior DI)
Sgt Lawrence Roane (junior DI)
Cpl J. W. Goodwin (junior DI)

Platoon 167
1st RTB
Company "C"

Aug 19, 1965 - Oct 14, 1965.

Semper Fi,
GySgt Bernard Mounce

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