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DI's Plt 3105 San Diego Oct-Dec 1978

SDI SSGT Banaszek - I ran into him in Gitmo in 1980, he's now a College Professor.

DI SSGT Howiler .

DI SSGT Ortiz - I heard a familiar voice in the San Onofre Beach Club shortly after i pinned on WO. I asked if he was a DI, he said, "why, are you one of my boots?" and replied, "I was one of your boots, how about a SIR when you talk to me"... we both got a chuckle out of that one.. he was now a MSGT select and we became pretty good friends.

DI Sgt Burgess - One day at 1st Tanks, one of my bootcamp buddies ran up and said "Sgt Burgess is at Bn Maintenance!!" so we all ran over there (5 or 6 of us came out of the same platoon/series) to say hello... we converged on him from all sides, he said "what are you guys doing here?" we all replied "what are you doing here?",, he said I'm a Tanker"... I think he thought he was going to get an @$$ whoopin' for all the thumpin' he "allegedly" did as the platoon heavy DI.
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