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JFK Assassination

JFK Assassination
Now that their finally release some of the Kennedy assassination files maybe we’ll find out what the heck happened, but we all know they won’t release anything of value.
Because we (yellow footprints) maintain files on boot camp graduating Marines we also have records on Oswald Marine Corps boot camp platoon.
A number of years ago I was contact by the FBI agent in charge of the historical records on the assassination as well as records on Oswald I was informed we had records on file even the FBI didn’t have. So when a request was made for copies of our records I gladly submitted them. It would be interesting to see if any of those records are released as well.
If you are interested in seeing what we have on file you can see them at the following link. Note that the records we have on file were provided by one Marine who traveled from Texas to San Diego with Oswald. I was also contact years ago by the son of a Marine who was in Oswald’s platoon who had a copy of his dad’s graduation book. When asked if I wanted a copy of his book I just about fell out of my chair and of course jumped at the chance of getting a copy. When the book arrived I was blown away by what he had sent me. It was a professionally reproduced copy which I keep in a safe place so it won’t get damaged.
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