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Thank you never says enough

Thank you never says enough

These two words do not always express one’s true appreciation for the efforts of others. At the end that’s all, we have to express our feelings. Over the last week, many of you have taken the time to not only donate funds to our mission but have sent numerous emails of appreciation and thanks for what we here at Yellow Footprints do. And for that, I thank each and every one of you.

In letters received via snail mail, there’s always a comment to use the donation funds as we see fit. Over the years the expense for equipment, software and web hosting has been the sole responsibility of this Marine. I’ve always felt it was part of the deal. Like not charging to use the site like others do or selling our books.
Over the last 16 years, we’ve run into the ground at least 7 scanners and three computers.

Today our present scanner is about to bite the dust so to speak, your donations will allow us to not only replace said scanner but purchase a new and better unit. Our next purchase is to replace our aging computer that has served us well for a number of years now. This new equipment will allow us to continue our mission of returning history without skipping a heartbeat, and again I thank each of you for your support.
On another note, I receive a number of emails that ask is the Yellow Footprints mission of return graduation books our only mission. Although that is our main goal of the site, there are many other ways we support Marine and in many cases, their families.
When requests come in for a graduation book that has already been shipped we gladly email all the pictures on file to the requester. It may not be the actual book but it’s better than nothing.

Then there’s those special request by family members whose Marine is heading to his final duty station or has already passed. Many of these emails express the fact they’ve never seen their loved ones in uniform or his/her experience in boot camp. Many Marine just don’t talk about their time in the Corps so it leave’s the families with unanswered questions. One such email talked about a Marine who was passing and wanted to see his boot camp book or graduation picture before he passed. It always amazed me how even in death the Corps means so much to us. In this one case, we did have his book which we sent to his family along with a special gift. That special gift was to take his entire graduation book and put it into a movie on DVD. This way his family could re-live what this dying Marine experience in becoming a Marine. This is just a couple of example of the kind of support we offer our Marines and their families. If you’re interested you can view what these video’s look like by viewing my graduation video at the following link.
Youtube video:
You can also view our new YouTube channel at Yellow Footprints channel
One last note: it should be noted that this website is not a one Marine mission. This site is about teamwork, there are many who help in the background with book donations, site security, maintenance, and administration. Without whom this site would not be what it is today. They know who they are, and most of all know how much I appreciated their support…….Semper FI

Cpl Miller USMC 1964 – 1970
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Semper Fi

Cpl Miller 1964 - 1970 USMC
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