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Originally Posted by Marine72_81 View Post
How about a donation section that way everyone can benefit by claiming the donation on there TAX's I been thinking about this and it's clear that if you receive donations it will not hurt your 501 -C-3 benefit..
We have and organization that clams 501-C-3 and it's all legal..
you can ask for $5 10 or 20 dollars and they can write that off on taxes...
Just a thought. for you..and it can help cover the cost you endure out of your pocket..
I guess as a tax accountant I can speak here. It is against the federal tax laws to request donations and issue a receipt for any tax deduction on the donations without having a 401 certification. Cpl Miller and Yellowfootprints does not have that certification at this time. It is not a certification you can just fill out application to get. You have to have a attorney and make a filing with a federal court to put it simple.

I have known Cpl Miller for many years just as he has known me. And there is no way that Gary (Cpl Miller) would ever do something or ask for anything that was not legally obtained.

A lot of us are working to help Cpl Miller. And yes he is putting everything he has into this project. We are hoping that sometime in the near future Cpl Miller will be able to at last get his VA disability pension. When and if that happens then he will be OK. If any of you do want to help you can always send money to him for this project as a personal gift only with no way of being able to deduct it on your personal income taxes.

Gary's biggest expense (the cost of the server being used for this web page) is currently being covered. If he ever needs anything all he has to do is ask me. But he has never asked. I have offered things to him many times and he has always turned me down because this is his project and he wants to do it on his own as any Marine would want to do.


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