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Cpl Miller 05-29-2016 07:33 PM

This Forum is about returning history...
Returning a symbol, and part of your life is exciting just thinking about it.

Couple strolling down the beach of Okinawa finds a set of dog tags...stamped in the metal tag is the name (“J L Tucker, USMC”). Who is Marine Tucker,how do we find Marine Tucker, that's where this forum will hopefully help.

Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or Marines you are all welcomed here; If you have found a set of tags or are looking for lost tags you can post that information here.

We strongly suggest you post the most imported piece of information...the subject line in your post should be short sweet and to the point. Example: Dale Evens, service number such and such. As the database gets larger it will make it much easier to search the web site by name or service number if known.

HOWEVER, you can add as much information as you choose in the main body of the post. There are no limitations as to word count.

You can also add pictures to your posts.

We hope you find as this database grows it will become more and more helpful.......The Yellow Footprints Team

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