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Cpl Miller 02-18-2014 07:56 PM

Originally, Yellow Footprints (YFP) goal was to return lost “personal” history to Marines who lost it by finding and returning donated graduation books and platoon pictures. Up until now, all services provided have been funded as an out-of-pocket expense from a retired Marine.

The goal of returning a Marine’s history has not changed in the past eight years but it has significantly expanded to include support for families and with it an increased expense. In addition, as word has spread about YFP, requests for copies of yearbooks, cruise and unit books have increased.

A 1942 picture was found in the YFP’s database by the wife of a Marine who had passed years before. She was amazed to find a picture of her husband that she’d never seen.

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to scan the picture, enlarge it and e-mail a copy to her. You could feel the emotions when she wrote back telling us how much this meant to her and her family.

Many times during the last couple of years, we’ve taken the time to create special gifts. Requests come from wives, sons, and daughters who found their husband/dad’s graduation book in YFP’s collection.

No one knows better than a Marine what these platoon books and pictures mean. These books represent what each of us Marine went through to earn the title “United States Marine.” The books represent who we are as Marines and what it took to earn the title.

Many times, a request asks if it is possible to provide a book as a present for a particular Marine’s birthday or Christmas. In many cases, YFP not only sends the graduation book, but also sends the book on a DVD with sound effects so it can be shared with the entire family. With the help of volunteers and administrative staff, YFP has meet these requests. By the way the DVD's are free as well as the graduation book.

Not long ago, we received a request from the family of a dying Marine who wanted to find his book before he was assigned to his final duty station. His book was found in the YFP’s collection, it was scanned and overnighted to him. His family wrote back telling us he cried the day the book arrived, it meant everything to him.

These anecdotes are a small indication of what YFP does to support our Brother and Sister Marines. Unfortunately, as with everything else, there are costs involved in providing these services.

From web site hosting fees, virus protection software fees, to equipment needs, the money to pay for this has to come from somewhere. In addition to the monthly web based fees, YFP goes through a couple of scanners each year; and these aren't cheap. These are just a couple of examples of the costs associated with running this website.

Because of the overhead cost, which up to now has been paid by a retired Marine, we now have to ask for donations from members and non-members alike so YFP can continue functioning, and carry on with the mission of serving Marines for the next year. We do not charge a fee to join the site because we do not want to limit access to the pictures/history.

So if you believe as we do, that this is a mission that must continue, we ask for your kind donations -- please donate what you can. With your help, YFP can continue to bring tears and smiles to our brother and sister Marines.

An easy way to donate is by using YFP’s Paypal account by going to:

Enter to access our account


You can use our PO Box:

Yellow Footprints
PO Box 341
Orangevale, CA 95662

Thank You

Semper Fi

The Yellow Footprints Team

Cpl Miller 03-03-2014 12:17 PM

Pushing back to the top for effect.

Cpl Miller 03-04-2014 06:54 AM

To those that have sent in donations I'd like to thank each of you for yor support.

Semper Fi


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