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Chuck 10-25-2016 08:30 PM

Election is a very Historical event
As you know the 2016 Presidential Election is a very Historical event.

Reason is because of the two running Candidates and because it will continue to be Historical no matter who wins...

1) If Clinton wins it will be the first time in our History, an ex-President will sleep with an elected President.

2) If Trump wins it also will be an Historical event. It will be the first time a Billionaire will live in a public supported house that a Black man has vacated.

History in the making..... :GI6:

Cpl Miller 10-26-2016 07:13 PM

And IF Hillary wins the race we'll have more history to add.

1. Takes our rights away
2. Offers the same old Obby One mission
3. Keeps shoving Obama Care down our throught's
4. Gets us into a war

Should I go on?

It will be historic all right but the kind of history we don't want or need....And that's my two cents worth.

Chuck 11-05-2016 08:27 PM

Men and women of our military. We joke about this being a historic election. It is historic. But what ever you do and what you think, please vote.

I am a 100% service connected disabled Marine. I served my country and like all of us did what I was told to do without asking a single question or why. I like so many of you was doing my duty that I signed up for. I enlisted. I spent 6 years and 7 months on active duty and was a Sgt E-5 before I received a commission for doing my job to the best of my ability.

My Marine Corps was recognizing me for what I was doing when they gave me that commission.

I am a Democrat by choice. But this election I can not vote Democrat because of What Mrs Clinton has stated (She will carry on what President Oboma started). But stop and think.

Our current president forced medical on people that did not want it and could not afford it. It they did not take the coverage they would be fined for each year they did not take the coverage.

Out current president forced out of the military some of the best command officers that ever served. They had to do things his way and say nothing or they were out.

This is a sad day when I had to vote for a Republican. I have already voted and I voted for Trump. Of the two evils he is the least evil of the two. And then they try to tell us we are getting the best of the best for those that are running for president.

When I received my commission so many years ago I took a oath that I would defend my country against all aggressors. But what kind of oath is the winner of this election going to protect us? I'll bet your bippy you will get ripped off no matter who wins. But again, who is the lessor of the two evils?

It's your choice and your vote.

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