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Cpl Miller 01-20-2012 08:44 AM

Command Museum/Historical Society
Finally after all the years we've been waiting to be recognized by the Marine Corps Command Museum/Historical Society as a supporting web site it's finally happened. We are now listed under their useful web site links section as a resource for books, and or platoon pictures. If a platoon picture, or graduation book is NOT listed then a pop up menu: Please see our Useful Links page for further information is then listed.

We have worked hard to make this site a historical web site for our support of those that graduated Marine Corps boot camp. Be it our boot camp database or the fact we give back history lost by others when we return these boot camp graduation books. NO one does what we do, No one maintains an up to date listing of graduates. OK we may be a couple of weeks out of date at times, but we strive to maintain the best listing outside the Marine Corps itself.

I would like to add though, without the help from you our brother/sister Marines much of what we do here would only be to keep a great boot camp database. BUT, with your help we have been able to receive donated graduation books that are given away free of charge to those Marines who have misplaced, or lost their books over the years. This is the best part of what we do.

Be it the adminís who run the site, to those of you who have donated the hundreds of books we maintain, I'd like to express my sincere appreciation for your support. Iíd also like to thank those private collectors who supply us with their inventories of books, which we post in our database as well.

Together we provide one of the most important mission to our Marines, one of storing history, the other is to RETURN that history via these graduation books, and platoon pictures.

To all who support our mission I sayÖ.SEMPER FI

Carry On Marines

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